LivingLab - Laboratory manual

TP LAB project is implemented with the support of the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the Slovakia-Hungary Cross-Border Territorial Cooperation Programme. The leading partner of the project is the Lechner Knowledge Centre Non-profit Ltd., project partners are the Slovak Institute of Spatial Planning (abbreviation: IPP), the West Pannon Regional and Economic Development Public Benefit Non-profit Ltd. in Győr and the SPECTRA Centre of Excellence of the Slovak Technological University in Bratislava. The TP LAB project contributes to the objectives of the Operational Programme 4.1 by providing services that can strengthen and facilitate territorial planning, decision-making and cooperation between municipalities, local authorities and investors in the target area, thus ensuring harmonious development and a balanced territorial structure. The project aims to establish a common cross-border digital data and information service portal to support the coordination of spatial development, and to design and model organisational and institutional arrangements for its further development. Interested users will be trained to try out, test and use the TPLab portal's functionalities in Pozsony / Bratislava and Győr at LivingLab locations, i.e. local service offices, and through online tutorials that will guide them step-by-step through the application's features. The local offices act as living labs with trained staff to help users use and test the regional information web service. Regional and local development practitioners, decision-makers and university students can use the service to gain experience and knowledge, for further use and to contribute to the further development of the system set up. The manual describes the conditions and possibilities of operation and use of the local laboratory (service office), and also includes a user manual for the TP LAB Web Service, the geographic information service of the project.

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