Regional data and information service by Slovakia-Hungary cooperation

On Januar 28, TP LAB will hold a press conference and kick-off meeting.

Within the framework of the TP LAB project, a GIS data and service center will be established for the wider area of Szigetköz (Malý Žitný ostrov) and Žitný ostrov (Csallóköz) in cooperation with the Institute of Spatial Planning (IPP) and the Slovak Univerity of Technology in Bratislava (STU), West-Pannon Nonprofit Ltd. and the Lechner Knowledge Centre in Hungary. The aim is to improve communication and the availability of information online and the coordination of spatial planning and harmonization of decision -making between regions closely related to each other but are divided by the border

In the Bratislava and Győr region an exceptionally interesting phenomenon can be observed in recent decades: economic development and the development of urban agglomerations crossing national borders. The natural environment is even less affected by whether or not it is located on one side of the border or another. The neighboring Žitný ostrov (Csallóköz) in Slovakia and Szigetköz (Malý Žitný ostrov) in Hungary have considerable importance in both nature conservation and ecotourism. Both sides of the border area are rich in natural, cultural and landscape values.

However, not only the values but the problems are similar as well. Some are related to water management and the sustainable use of natural resources, others to the development of suburbs (agglomeration), and the quality of the urban environment.

In the interests of harmonious territorial development, it is advantageous to coordinate the designation of target areas for development on both sides of the border. For this purpose, in October 2020, TP LAB (Territorial Planning Laboratory) project was started with the cooperation of two Slovak and two Hungarian institutions with expertise in spatial planning and information services. The project is supported by the Interreg VA Slovak-Hungarian Cooperation Program.

The area of interest in the 16-month project includes the counties of Bratislava and Trnava on the Slovak side and the county of Győr-Moson-Sopron on the Hungarian side. The participating partners are the Institute of Spatial Planning, the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, West-Pannon Nonprofit Ltd., and Lechner Knowledge Centre as the lead partner.

Within the framework of the project a GIS data and information service centre will be established in order to enable better communication between local actors, access to information online and territorial coordination. All this contributes to a more balanced spatial structure and a stronger coherence between valuable natural areas and the urbanized landscape.

The main goals are:

  • providing support for multi-level spatial planning, territorial decision-making, monitoring of territorial changes and supporting sectoral investments and real estate developments with a web service (GIS Data and Service Center),
  • definition of the database and web service with a joint needs assessment,
  • establishment of Living Labs, testing, monitoring and evaluating the web service for further development, and assisting users in using the web service; and
  • informing, training and improving skills of local authorities, municipalities, investors, spatial planners, university students and non-governmental organizations.

TP LAB will hold a kick-off meeting for the partners on January 28, 2021 at 1 pm in the Ceremonial Hall of the Győr City Hall and online. The event will be preceded by a public press conference in the morning, at which the experts of the participating institutions will present the elements of the project, as well as the experiences and results of the Slovak-Hungarian cross-border cooperation thus far in short, 15-20 minute presentations.

The press and members of the public are welcome to participate in both events. You can apply to the event organizer Illés Viktória at the e-mail address viktoria.illes@westpannon.hu and on the mobile phone +36 30 746 7780.


Meeting ID: 825 7915 3815
Passcode: 369115

For more information, visit the TP LAB website or facebook page.

Kick-off meeting program:

Opening conference of TP-LAB project

28th of January, 2021

8.45 am     Getting Started

9.00 am     Welcome - Zoltán Németh, President of Self-Government of Győr-Moson-Sopron County

9.05           Press conference

9.05           Development challenges in the border area Hungary-Slovakia from county perspective, supervision of the county level spatial development plan - Zoltán Németh, president of Self-Government of Győr-Moson-Sopron County

9.25           Programming and planning frameworks for regional and urban development in Hungary – Csilla Horváth, head of department, Ministry of Finance

9.45           Results of Slovakian - Hungarian cooperation in spatial planning – Anikó Devecseri, head of department, Lechner NKft.

10.00         Experiences with the creation of cross-border geographic systems and their application within the TP LAB project Július Hanus, team leader / vice-president of                  Institute of Spatial Planning, Slovakia

10.20         Coffee break

10.35         Spatial development tasks and challenges from a settlement perspective Adrienn Pappné Kett, Győrladamér mayor /former county chief architect

10.50         Protected areas, nature values in the vicinity of the Slovakian-Hungarian border in Győr-Moson- Sopron County Attila Fersch deputy director, Fertő-Hanság National Park

11.05         The Carpathian Countries Integrated Biodiversity Information System – CCIBIS, bottom-up data collection approach, Maroš Finka/Vladimír Ondrejička,                   director/project manager of SPECTRA Centre of Excellence of EU, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

11.25         Digital services at the Lechner Knowledge Centre, data and information web services within the framework of the TPLAB project – Géza Juhász, head of                   department, Lechner NKft.

11.45         Presentation of TP LAB project Mariann Major Vén, project manager Lechner NKft.


12.00        End of the Press conference - Lunch break

13.20        Getting Started

13.00        Welcome - Géza Juhász, LB, Lechner NKft.

13.10        Short presentation of partners - Ľubomír Macák, B1, IPP; Tibor Polgár, B2, WP; Maroš Finka, B3, STU

13.40        Presentation and discussion of project objectives and work programme (25-30 min/Act)

                 Act3 Needs Assessment - Ľubomír Macák-Tibor Polgár, B1, IPP – B2, WP

                 Act4 GIS data & service Centre - Dénes Móricz-Filip Polonský, LB, LTK – B1, IPP

                 Act5 Living Lab - Tibor Polgár-Vladimír Ondrejička, B2, WP – B3, STU

                 Act6 Capacity Building - Tibor Polgár-Vladimír Ondrejička, B2, WP – B3, STU

15.30 pm Coffee break

15.40        Programme Manual, rules of implementation - Mariann Major Vén, LB, Lechner NKft.

                  Act1-2, management, communication

16.20        End of the kick-off meeting

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