Press release

The TP LAB Territorial Planning Laboratory will hold its closing press conference online on December 9, 2021. at 10 a.m. The invited speakers will present the results of the project in 15-20 minute presentations on the completed digital service platform and the Living Labs set up in Győr and Bratislava to test and develop the service and meet user needs. The public event ends at 12.20.

The TPLAB project presents the spatial data and information service platform established within the framework of the Living Labs in Győr and Bratislava. The aim of the development is to improve communication, the availability of information online, the coordination of spatial planning and harmonization of decision-making between the regions that are closely related to each other but are divided by the border.

The cooperation partners are Lechner Knowledge Centre and West-Pannon Nonprofit Ltd. on the Hungarian side and the Institute of Spatial Planning, the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava on the Slovak side.

We find areas rich in natural, cultural and landscape values ​​on both sides of the border, and we face similar challenges as well. Some of the problems are related to water management and sustainable use of natural resources, while others are related to suburbanization, agglomeration, and the quality of the urban environment.

In the interest of harmonious territorial development, it is advantageous to coordinate the designation of target areas for development on both sides of the border. For this purpose, in October 2020, TP LAB (Territorial Planning Laboratory) project was started with the cooperation of two Slovak and two Hungarian institutions with expertise in spatial planning and information services. The project is supported by the Interreg V-A Slovak-Hungarian Cooperation Programme /www.skhu.eu/

The area of interest in the 16-month project now coming to an end, includes the counties of Bratislava and Trnava on the Slovak side and the county of Győr-Moson-Sopron on the Hungarian side.

With the help of the project, data and place-based decision-making is expected to become easier, and with the help of capacity-building trainings, professionals and university students can also use the tool in their planning and research work. The availability of information online helps territorial coordination, and more informed decisions contribute to a more balanced spatial structure and a stronger harmony between valuable natural areas and the urban landscape.

The organisers invite members of the press and the general public to the event. To register in Hungarian, please contact the representative of the Győr office, Viktoria Illés at mailto:viktoria.illes@westpannon.hu or by phone +36-30-746-7780. In Slovak, contact the event organiser Ľubomír Macák at ipp@ipp-oz.sk or by phone +421905277485.


For more information, visit the TP LAB website or facebook page.